Real Likes and Followers

instalikesNow stop and think of all the “friends” or pages that you follow aren’t individuals, or rather businesses, music groups, food items, TV shows, and yes, last but not least businesses. Quite a few right? Now every time they offer an update or like, you get the notification and glance at your phone, tablet or computer. More times than you realize right? Well again, what are you waiting for? As you start your own business, there is an option to buy likes and followers through Instagram. This is an ingenious way to market your business, or services. You will have the chance to offer updates, discounts, printable coupons, and bring customers to you without actually bringing them in person to your business. Not to mention you will be able to reach millions of potential customers from all around the world. It doesn’t get much better than this.

The fact of the matter is millions of businesses go through the steps of building a business plan, talking to banks, creating market routines, and plans, getting the loans, lying awake wondering why their business isn’t going over as they hoped, and in the end they will spend hours commenting on their personal social media sites as to why they aren’t making any money. When they REALLY should be spending that face time online creating Instagram pages and purchasing Instagram likes and followers for their business. This is one of the fastest growing means for business marketing in 20 years. Why aren’t you online?

Self promotion on the social media sites

Often, people talk about promoting our businesses through the mode of social media. But, promoting oneself amongst the mass is one activity, which most of us would enjoy. It is not only about brands gaining popularity; we would also like to gain some recognition or popularity in life.

Promote your views and opinions

Social networking sites are a very good platform, for representing your views, about a particular issue. It may be a general philosophy of life or a comment on the current affairs, once, you put your views on the social networking sites, all your friends and followers can relate and understand your opinion and views about a particular issue.

Promote your talents

Every individual possess some unique characteristics. It may be writing, painting, drawing and other similar aspects. These talents can be represented on the social networking sites. People recognize your talents and appreciate the same. Here, you get the desired attention for your unique characteristics.

Share your fantasies

An individual can also share various pictures and videos related to his interests. Also, he or she can edit and post the most beautiful pictures of self on the social media sites and avail a lot of recognition amongst the friends.

Use of Analytics for managing the social media campaigns

Social media campaigns have gained a lot of popularity in the recent times. But, many small scale businesses and startups have ended up in huge losses, because of ineffective social networking campaigns. For a campaign to be extremely effective and safeguard the interests of the campaigners, it is essential to use various tools, like Analytics.

Analytics is an interesting tool, which is largely available in all the online marketing platforms. The analytics feature is not quite available on various offline marketing platforms, which does not allow the measurement of effectiveness for the offline ad campaigns.

But, analytics are available in case of various social networking sites. This analytics is a tool, which allows simple measurement of the effectiveness of an ad campaign, through the mode of figures, graphs, etc. It is a very useful tool, which adds to the benefits of the online campaigns.

Manage multiple ad campaigns

A business concern may run various ad campaigns, through different social networking sites and other affiliate sites. The business concern can measure the effectiveness of each ad, through the analytics tools, to understand the most beneficial and attractive ad campaign.

Also, it also indicates various figures like traffic, leads, sales, etc, to measure the effectiveness of the affiliate site or the social networking site. This can help in easy management of multiple ad campaigns at multiple portals.

Facilitating decision making

By realizing the above data, in respect to the ad campaigns in the traffic yielding sites, a business concern can best decide the ads to continue and the web portals to prefer for advertisements. Consistent analysis of similar database helps in dynamic decision making and eventually, increases the effectiveness of the ad campaigns.

Realizing the cost involved

If you want to evaluate whether, your social media campaign is really beneficial to you or not, you can consider the analytics tool, to understand the proportionate relationship between cost, leads and sales.

This actually helps you understand, the benefits you are availing from the advertisements in various social networking sites. This helps you in changing strategies, reducing or increasing expenditure on the ad campaigns and other cost related decisions.

Correcting the mistakes

Sometimes, the ad campaigns may not be responsible for the poor sales of your products. It may be, because of improper services of the advertising company or poor website structure, etc. Thus, the results obtained from the analytics, allow us to correct the mistakes and ensure better results from the social media ad campaigns.

Social Media for Small Scale Businesses and New Startups

The benefits for the ad campaigns of large companies, on various social media sites, are known to all. But, the ad campaigns are even more beneficial for the small scale businesses or new startups. It can in fact, be considered as the best advertising or promotion mode and buy facebook fan likes, for such businesses.

Analyzing the reasons for the same, would help us consider them, more often than other modes.


Running ads on the social networking sites is extremely economical. The ads can be run for an extremely short period of time, which allows the flexibility for the small business concerns to manage costs easily. Also, many perks and benefits are offered by various social networking sites, which further control the costs involved in the ad campaign.

Low investment

There is a big concern of investment on promotion, in case of ad campaigns in various websites. But, since the ads can run at significantly low investments, the ad campaigns become extremely suitable, for the small scale businesses.

Easy segmentation

Since, small businesses may have small target segments and small reach ability; the social media sites ensure easy segmentation of the target segment, based on location, gender, age and other similar criterions, to best match the requirements of the small scale businesses.

The feedback and communication mode- Social Media

Often, when we relate social media and business concerns, the first thing, which strikes our mind, is the ad campaigns. It is extremely important for a business to consider important elements ‘feedback’ and ‘communication’ other than ad campaigns.

Communication with the customers, in a different mode, other than promotion and marketing, encourages customer’s interaction and strengthens belief and trust on the company. It builds a sense of satisfaction when, a customer feels, his thoughts are being heard and responded.

Support of social networking towards communication

The social networking sites facilitate the feature of setting up of a fan page or a business page, to allow the businesses, communicate with their customers. This ensures customers, a medium to communicate with the company. This leads to an indirect mode of promotion, as the satisfied customers recommend the products and services to others. This type of promotion is referred as ‘word of mouth’, which is extremely effective and free.

Feedback for improvement

Every customer has some or the other views, about the products or services of the business concern, he uses. The social media platforms allow scope for obtaining, both positive, as well as negative feedback, with respect to the products and services, to guide the business concern, towards improvement of their products and services.

Requisites of a successful social media campaign

The popularity of social media has induced many individuals as well institutions, locate a large sum of money towards ads and promotions, in the social networking sites. In order to avail maximum benefits for any sort of campaign conducted online, it would be extremely essential to understand the requisites for a successful campaign.

Understand your target segment

Just because, social networking sites are a mode for cost effective promotion, it does not mean we sprinkle money without practical thinking. It is extremely important to channelize the separated funds, particularly to the target segment, we are interested in.

When, we are looking forward to market our products and services, we shall analyze, who are our potential class of customers and who will or might show interest towards our set of products & services. If the products and services are based to different target segments, making different ad campaigns for different groups of products and services is essential.


The use of social networking sites in the ad campaigns is to popularize or spread awareness about your brand, products or services, etc. The best way, to do it is, by conducting some promotional events with respect to discount codes, coupons or even conduct some contests for attracting attention of the target segment.

If your business is small and you cannot afford such campaigns, you can consider other alternatives. Instagram is a unique social networking site, which allows a user to share, edit images, videos, etc, amongst friends and followers. An individual can consider posting the pictures of their products, with features to attract viewers. Buy Instagram followers and likes.

If your business consists of a very few products and services which can be described with a very short and precise description, Twitter can be the best advertising mode for you. Twitter allows various features, through which, you can capture the attention of millions of Twitter users. One such way is to buy Twitter followers to ensure your message spreads across to your target segment.


Once, you get traffic on your site or on the various pages, you setup on the social networking sites, it is essential to present quality information. The page should consist of all the important details, with respect to the product/service, political party in political campaigns, event details in case of special event promotions, etc.

Representing this information, in a unique and creative way, requires the assistance of social media sites. Various sites, like Youtube are widely known and accepted mode for sharing videos. In case, you are willing to supply your product details to a larger group of individuals, you can consider uploading your videos on this social networking site.

Buy Youtube views, in order to ensure the videos are viewed by maximum Youtube viewers. People also tend to be more aware of your products and services. It is cost effective and worthy, compared to other online and offline promotion schemes.

Measure your campaign

Measuring the success or return from the campaign is extremely essential. This allows an individual to tally the returns, which were extracted from the campaign, in a particular period of time.